Regular Cleaning versus Deep Cleaning: Is there a Difference?

Regular dental cleanings are essential for maintaining good dental health and hygiene. Besides maintaining an attractive smile, it ensures the health of your teeth as a whole. Lack of cleaning makes the teeth and gums weaker and susceptible to infection. Treating cavities and keeping periodontal disease at bay is essential to preventing tooth loss. A leading dental clinic screens you for diseases during your cleaning appointment.

A reputed general dentist will recommend one of two cleaning methods depending on your unique needs. Following a comprehensive examination, the dentist will determine whether a regular or deep cleaning is necessary. In our previous blog, we have explained the 5 benefits of a regular dental cleaning in Cathedral City. However, despite the common belief that the two procedures are the same, they have fairly significant differences.

Regular Cleaning in Cathedral City:

When you visit a general dentist in Cathedral City twice a year for regular visits, you usually get a regular cleaning. Regular dental cleaning aims to scale and polish the teeth's outer surfaces by focusing on the gum line. Healthy gums are maintained by regular dental cleanings, which remove bacteria and tartar which accumulate between teeth and gums between cleanings.

Regular cleaning in Cathedral City helps prevent gum disease and cavities. Regular cleaning will suffice if your gum line is not infected with bacteria.

Deep Cleaning in Cathedral City:

In severe cases, dentists may recommend deep cleanings. Deep cleaning in Cathedral City becomes essential if you have several pervasive pockets of tartar and bacteria that cannot be eliminated with simple cleanings. The process of deep cleaning involves scaling and root planing, in which plaque is manually scraped off tooth surfaces and teeth roots.


Due to the extensive nature of the procedure, it may take more than one appointment to a dental office in Cathedral City to perform the cleaning. For more information, call us at 760-318-4400 and schedule an appointment today.