The ultimate aim of dental care is to protect the soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity. When a tooth is decayed or damaged and is in the danger of falling out, our dentist uses restorative dental materials to protect the tooth. Dental crown or a cap is one such restorative tool that has helped us in safeguarding natural teeth in many of our patients. Through our restorative dental care, we have been successful in creating healthy smiles for patients in Cathedral City and the surrounding communities. If you have a toothache, swelling or a misshapen tooth, come to visit our office and speak to our dentist in Cathedral City. Our comprehensive care can ensure better oral health.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a cap that covers the weak or misshapen natural tooth. The dental crown can be made of metals, porcelain or other materials. It is precisely fabricated in the lab. Based on the tooth that is restored, a metal or porcelain crown may be recommended. While metal crowns are resistant to wear and can withstand the load, porcelain crowns are beautiful and natural.

Following are some of the cases when a patient may require a dental crown.

  • A tooth which is badly decayed
  • A tooth which has undergone root canal treatment
  • A tooth which is misshapen
  • A tooth which has a large filling
  • A tooth that is weak or broken

Dental crowns restoration procedure

Dental crowns are caps made of metal alloys or porcelain. Some portion of the enamel layer of the natural tooth should be removed in order to create space for placement of the crown. Once the decayed part of the tooth is removed and the tooth is restored using appropriate materials, the tooth is prepared with the help of local anesthesia. Some portion of the tooth is carefully removed. Once the tooth is prepared, impressions of the tooth are taken and a temporary acrylic crown is created at our office. This crown protects the natural tooth of the patient until the next dental visit. The permanent crown may be prepared in 10 business days. Our cosmetic dentist in Cathedral City removes the temporaries and cleans the natural tooth to check the fit of the permanent crown. On confirmation of fit, the permanent dental crown is bonded over the natural tooth.