If your teeth are too short i.e., gums covered most part of the teeth which on smiling, seems like gummy smile that makes you unhappy and less attractive even when the teeth are properly aligned. Then the extended gum line is reshaped by a cosmetic dental procedure called as gum reshaping. Exposed surface of the tooth will help in future to improve the smile by veneers or crowns.


Most of the time people undergo this gum contouring procedure to create proper symmetry and to improve the appearance of smile and the procedure involves professional teeth cleaning before dentist performs surgery and mark a line using a pen to know exactly how much gum should be removed and to reshape new gumline. Some time bone around the root of the teeth is removed. This minor surgical procedure is performed by numbing tooth and gum using local anesthesia by laser and radio surgery. Once done with the procedure tooth appears elongated, the surgical area washed with salt water and the gums are stitched. The day after surgery, patient should have soft food. During brushing, take care of stitches and avoid brushing on gums. Dentists will aid you to the recovery process which will take a few days or week for the complete healing of gums.


Usually, when the tooth is broken close to the gum line then dentist will be recommended to remove the tooth but in this case removal of gum line and expose area of the tooth can save the crown.

Bacteria’s in the mouth harms only to exposed area causing periodontal problems and also causing decay or cavities by making visible of tooth filling can be done easily.

By lengthening crown soft tissue and bone can be protected as the space between crown and the jaw bone is increased, which in turn increase the magnificent smile on your face.