Want to improve the smile and appearance of teeth in the best and simple way which is stuck due to any of the reason such as shaded, chipped or cracked teeth. Then don't let your self-esteem and confidence because Cosmetic bonding is the easy and the best solution. This option is the flexible even if the patient wants to opt to dental veneer or crowns at later date, can go happily without any setback. No matter what age will be, the tooth can shape to look beautiful and natural by using bonding material to harden in place.

The name itself indicates bonding the tooth-colored resin material on tooth using adhesive to increase the appearance of the tooth. Unlike the other restoration procedures such as crowns and veneer, there is no need to put anesthesia. It is the simple and painless procedure to alter the person's teeth appearance. It is a single visit cosmetic dentistry treatment if the bonding is not for more number of the tooth and at the affordable cost. A thin film of etchant material is applied to the surface of the teeth and a coat of composite resin is built on the surface of the tooth and then dried it to harden by using a special light

What make the difference adopting cosmetic bonding

  • Chipped or broken tooth due to accident or decay can also restore to its original shape and size and function as its normal and can be done and securing the inner part of the tooth from further damage.
  • If there is a gap between the tooth and want to get it filled in a simple way without spending more money can go through this method and the one having smaller tooth can make it bigger.
  • Can cover the discolored or faded area of the tooth surface and can match to the adjacent color of the tooth
  • It is durable and long lasting up to a decade because of the material composite resin and it is a painless therapy and the dentist use numbing medication for the patient who is having dental decay.
  • There is no special care needed for bonded teeth simply brushing, flossing and mouth rinse with good oral hygiene practice.
  • It is ideal for teenager as they can opt for permanent form of restoration as the teeth are fully developed.
  • It can be altered in the future without any harm to the tooth and can opt for some other type of restoration.