How Frequently Should I Stop by a Dental Hygienist for Teeth Cleaning?

You must be aware of the importance of professional teeth cleaning and how it can reduce the chances of periodontal disease and cavities. How frequently do you walk into a dental office despite knowing this? In our previous blog, we have explained 6 reasons you need regular dental checkups in Cathedral City. However, Even if you systematically uphold good oral hygiene backed by great routine, your dentist in Cathedral City CA will suggest professional teeth cleaning twice in one year.

The Necessity for Cleaning the Teeth Consistently:

Professional teeth cleaning removes plaque, tartar, and soft yellowish buildups despite you maintaining good oral hygiene. Our mouth chamber is home to billions of different bacteria that continue their life cycle by feeding on the food we tend to consume. Though most bacterias are not harmful when dental plaque buildup happens, these bacterias multiply in number and lead to many issues including severe periodontal issues. Regular cleaning in Cathedral City drastically reduces plaque and tartar build-up.

How Frequently Should I Stop by a Dentist's Office?

If ideal oral hygiene is retained through appropriate oral care, then the possibilities of an individual catching periodontal diseases will stay low. Most major health insurance schemes cover the cost of visiting a dentist in Cathedral City every six months for cleaning and checking-up. Research reveals that fluoride treatment carried out by a professional, once in six months, can lead to a 30% reduced chance of cavity, tooth extraction, tartar, or plaque buildup.

Benefits of Teeth Cleaning By Professional Dental Hygienist:

  1. Teeth cleaning removes the bacteria that cause plaque, tartar buildup.
  2. Early detection of potential oral health disorder signs can heavily reduce the chances of any future issues.

Does Poor Oral Health Culminate in Other Severe Health Disorders?

Individuals with a history of health and diabetes must visit a dentist as they tend to have more chances of periodontal diseases. People who also take regular pills and infusions for osteoporosis or blood thinners also need proper dental checkups and dental care in Cathedral City. These types of medications can cause complexities during dental procedures. Individuals with bleeding gums also need to visit a dental office.


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