Comparing Periodontal Care and Regular Cleaning

We all have a common assumption that all dental cleanings are the same. There are different goals for every dental cleaning. In our previous blog we have explained about 7 advantages of regular dental cleaning in Cathedral City. Your dentist is the right person to suggest the right teeth cleaning procedure you must undergo.

There Are Two Major Types of Dental Cleanings, Let's Take a Look at Each of Them.

  1. Regular Dental Cleaning:

    Regular cleaning is also known as Prophylaxis. A regular dental cleaning procedure is solely a preventive measure that is taken as part of your regular dental checkups. Regular cleaning in Cathedral City mainly focuses on removing plaque, gum irritants and polishing of teeth. This procedure will also help to remove even light stains in the tooth. Once the dental cleaning is done, it will also give your teeth a nice shine. At Smile Guru, we recommend regular dental cleanings for all our patients who don't have bone loss or infections in their teeth or mouth.

  2. Periodontal Dental Cleaning:

    Periodontal dental cleaning is also known as periodontal care. At Smile Guru, we provide periodontal dental care for patients who undergo periodontic dental treatment. Usually, periodontal care in Cathedral City is given as an aftercare treatment once the patient undergoes periodontal dental treatments, such as;

    • Swollen Gums.
    • Puffy Gums.
    • Bad Breath.
    • Chewing Difficulties.
    • Bad Bites.
    • Loose teeth.
    • Receding Gums and so much more.

Which Procedure is More Intense?

Periodontal dental cleaning or periodontal care is a much more intensive process when compared to regular cleaning or deep cleaning in Cathedral City. It helps to restore and maintain gum health and helps to remove bacteria. If you undergo a periodontal dental cleaning once you can stay free of inflammation, plaque and gum diseases for the next six months.

As an After-Care Treatment:

Periodontal dental cleaning is done as an after-care treatment, and the cleaning procedure can be extended over a series of appointments. Our dental health experts are highly equipped with the latest tools and techniques and perform the dental cleaning procedure with ease.


If you live in or around Cathedral City and want to undergo any kind of teeth cleaning procedure like regular cleaning in Cathedral City visit Dr. Keerthi Senthil at Smile Guru. Dr. Keerthi Senthil leads a team of expert dentists who will make sure you receive the highest-quality care and have good oral health. For more information call us at (760) 318-4400 and schedule an appointment today.