Five Common Dental Procedures from a General Dentist

A few dental or surgical procedures can be expensive depending on the treatment, but general dentists perform these procedures with no additional costs. Sadly, not many people understand the value of a general dentist because the job title does not seem precise. In our previous blog, we have explained the benefits of dental bridges in Cathedral City.

General dentists do provide various dental treatments like cosmetic services, preventive services and restorative procedures. Along these lines let us see what the five common procedures of general dentistry are.

5 Common Dental Procedures from General Dentistry in Cathedral City:

  1. Fillings:

    Fillings are used to treat decayed teeth and repair broken teeth. When a patient is suffering from a toothache, the first thing the dentist in Cathedral City does is check for cavities and cracks. They do this by visually examining the tooth and using X-rays. If the dentist diagnoses that the tooth requires a filling, then repairing of the tooth will be done.

    The patient and the general dentist in Cathedral City will choose the type of filling he/she prefers. Patients are given options such as gold, silver, porcelain, or dental resin for their fillings.

  2. Dental Crowns:

    Crowns are used to fix teeth that have been severely decayed, no matter the reason. A crown is the only thing that can save teeth damaged by extraction. This is also used to correct cosmetic defects.

    However, a general dentistry in Cathedral City can fabricate their own crowns, allowing patients to have crowns fitted in just one day. Crown restores teeth by covering them completely, thus protecting them against infection or other damage.

  3. Tooth Extractions:

    When a tooth is too decayed and gone far beyond being saved, a general dentist in Cathedral City will pull it out. A dentist will extract painful wisdom teeth too.

  4. Dental Implants:

    The most recommended way to substitute real teeth is with dental implants. Dental implant placements are done with a very small surgery to place the implant into the jawbone.

    Although the process takes several months and many procedures, placing a dental implant provides the patient with permanent artificial teeth. Dental crowns and restorations work just like real teeth.

  5. Braces:

    Orthodontic appliances like braces are used to position teeth in such a way that they are aesthetic and easy to clean. A general dentistry in Cathedral City also provides braces to patients to correct bad bites.


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