Smile Guru: Letting You Determine The Way You Want Your Smile To Be

With advancements in dental treatment procedures, there is no longer any need to live with embarrassing dental issues that prevent you from socializing, having fun with friends, or speak with confidence. Whether your teeth are discolored, crooked, yellowed, or stained, you can reach out to an experienced dentist and get a perfect solution to these problems. Irrespective of where you stay, just search for "dentist near me" on Google, and your screen will be flooded with a lot of results.

Expert and Experienced Dentist:

When looking for a suitable dental clinic, ensure that they have immense experience in handling dental cosmetic issues and can help you reclaim your lost smile with their high-end treatment procedures. The dentist in Cathedral City CA, Dr. Keerthi Senthil, is a renowned and experienced dental professional in the region.

Services Provided At Smile Guru:

The dental clinic, Smile Guru, provides an extensive range of services to help you decide how you would like to smile. The services include missing tooth treatment, misaligned or misshapen tooth treatment, chipped and discolored teeth treatment, gummy smile, and treatment to remove gaps between the teeth.

Advanced Dental Procedures:

When faced with any of these dental issues, reach out to the dental clinic, fix an appointment, and visit the clinic to consult the dentist. With advancements in technology, procedures, and dental equipment, there is no need to feel anxious or stressed about undergoing a dental procedure. Most of the procedures available to help rectify your smile are non-invasive. A few sittings will bring a marked difference in your dental condition. Some of them are:

  • Stained Teeth Issues:

    If your teeth are stained or yellowish in appearance, you can go for a simple teeth bleaching procedure. Depending on the extent of discoloration, the doctor may recommend the number of sittings you may need to remove these stains forever.

  • Chipped or Broken Tooth:

    If your tooth is broken or chipped, the dentist may recommend laminates or veneers made up of porcelain fixed to the tooth. It will give your new tooth a normal and real appearance.

  • Misaligned Teeth:

    If your teeth are not properly aligned, you can get composite fillings done, giving a more symmetrical appearance. You can also reshape your teeth using recontouring procedures. It will match your tooth with the neighboring teeth.

Visit Smile Guru:

Visit your dentist at Smile Guru and reclaim your lovely smile! Explore their website to fill up and submit the contact form, read informational blog posts pertaining to dental health or to arrange a virtual consultation today!