Emergency Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants

You may break or crack a tooth when you least expect it. It can be when you are biting a popcorn kernel or by any accident or unforeseen circumstances. In cases like these, you must seek immediate help from a dentist in Cathedral City CA. Don't panic if you are in any of these situations.

Emergency Dentistry Cathedral City:

Just visit Smile Guru in Cathedral City and Dr. Keerthi Senthil will give you the right treatment you need. Smile Guru offers the best possible emergency dentistry Cathedral City. In most of the cases, it is easier for our dentists to reinsert the broken tooth but if not viable, our emergency dentistry experts in Cathedral City will replace your teeth with a dental implant. You might now be wondering:

About Dental implants:

A dental implant is nothing but a titanium post which looks just like a regular tooth which is fitted into your jawbone. In case of emergency situations, the immediate load implant is fitted and the crown is placed within an hour. With the new technology in emergency dentistry, every patient has several options during emergencies.

Employing Dental Implants Cathedral City During An Emergency:

During an emergency dental implant treatment, once the implant is fitted a temporary crown is topped to ensure that the teeth stabilizes and later the permanent crown is fitted. Our dentists in cathedral city will curate a customized implant that perfectly fits the shape and shade of your teeth. In this process, you would never know if you had a missing tooth or not.

Who is eligible to affix dental implants Cathedral City?

However, what one must remember is that not everyone is the right candidate for an emergency dental implant. The candidate must have healthy teeth and must possess enough bone mass in the jaws. But if you have one or a few missing teeth you are a perfect candidate for an immediate dental implant. If you wait for a long period of time after losing or breaking teeth, chances are that you may develop infections. There are chances for higher risks that forbids you from opting for dental implants.

Visit Smile Guru:

If you live in or around Cathedral City and face any dental emergencies be sure to visit Smile Guru as soon as possible. Our emergency dentist will take every step to affix an emergency dental implant at the earliest. At Smile Guru our team of dental experts will offer you the right treatment in order to relieve you of your pain. Visit their website to fill up the contact form or to arrange a virtual consultancy!