Prophylaxis is a dental treatment which prevents the growth of periodontal disease and gingivitis. When the bacteria start building the home on gum tissue either on the side of gum line then it causes destruction to gum, teeth get looses and fall out. This, bacteria may affect other parts of the body by directly passing through the bloodstream. Generally, bad breath is caused by the combination of rotting food particle below the gum line which in turn leads to gum infection and periodontal problems. To avoid all these dental problems in its early stages 'Prophylaxis' a preventive measure and a way to solution for good oral health , your dental visit at least twice a year prevent oral health issues and give you a gleaming smile on the face.

During this procedure, the dental hygienist will take the X-ray with a thorough oral exam to know the dental problems and decay in the tooth. Then, deposits on teeth are removed by scaling and root planning and ultrasonic dental cleaning. Rough spot on teeth is removed by polishing process otherwise which might attract bacteria. Brushing and flossing regularly keep the teeth relatively healthy above the gumline, however, it is difficult to reach the brush below the gumline so that there is a risk of building up of dental calculus. The most important part of prophylaxis involves cleaning below the gum line and prevent the dental problems gum disease. Prophylaxis also helps to remove stain from your teeth. Some dentists also suggest for the dental sealant treatment to strengthen the teeth to avoid decay.

It is a good investment that you can make in your dental health and overall health