Things You Should Know About Dental Implants

Despite the advances made in dental care, many Americans suffer from tooth loss. Some of the common reasons for tooth loss are tooth decay, gum disease or injury. For many years dental bridges and dentures were the only treatment options for people with missing teeth. Fortunately, today you can get benefitted from dental implants.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

  • Dental implants are considered to be the best tooth replacement which provides a strong foundation for removable or fixed replacement teeth that are made to match your natural tooth
  • It provides you an improved appearance as it gets fused into the bone permanently, thus the look and feel of dental implant will more likely be as your own tooth
  • Unlike dentures where the teeth can slip while talking, dental implants allow you to talk without any worry. It provides you with utmost comfort as dental implant become part of your mouth, eliminating the discomfort of removable dental appliances
  • Dental implants are very durable and with good care, it can last for years
  • Dental implants improve the self-esteem and restore the smile you wanted
  • Dental implants have a high success rate

Can anyone get dental implants?

A patient should have enough bone and healthy gums in order to undergo dental implant treatment. Additionally, a candidate for the dental implant should be committed to good oral hygiene. People suffering from heart disease, diabetes or any other uncontrolled chronic disorder needs to be evaluated individually. Thus before undergoing dental implant treatment, you will be examined to all the conditions. If you are considering dental implant treatment in Cathedral City CA or other surrounding areas then talk to our dentist Dr. Keerthi Senthil to know if you are a candidate for the dental implant.

Caring for your dental implants

Once a dental implant is placed it is essential that you take proper care of it. Dental implants can last a lifetime and if you are committed to regular dental visits, good oral hygiene practices and professional cleaning. Ensure you brush twice a day, floss daily, clean carefully around dental implants to keep the gums healthy.