What to Expect at a Regular Dental Cleaning?

Regular cleaning is very important when it comes to dental services. Without dental cleanings, your gums and teeth get too sensitive to decay and infection. Overall, it can be harmful to your oral health. You should opt for general dentistry two times a year to assure optimal health of your teeth. While it is suggested to opt for regular dental cleaning, not everyone commits. This can cause issues. Fortunately, the dental cleaning appointments with professionals are pain-free and easy. In our previous blog, we have explained 5 tips to take care of your teeth after visiting a dentist in Cathedral City. Read along to know what to expect at a regular dental cleaning.

4 Things to Expect From a Regular Dental Cleaning in Cathedral City:

  1. Teeth Cleaning:

    In this process, the primary services are polishing and cleaning of your teeth. Dental experts will clean both the back and front part of each of your teeth. An electronic toothbrush and high-grade professional toothpaste are used here. Both these assist in removing tartar and plaque that got deposited..

  2. Flossing:

    Flossing is another dental cleaning service that is done by a dentist in Cathedral City to floss between every tooth. This process is very crucial in eliminating the built-up debris. Flossing maintains the health of your gum and your teeth. It doesn't matter how regularly and thoroughly you clean between your teeth with dental floss. Nothing is as effective as dental flossing carried out during a proficient dental cleaning. Leave it to the dentist, to check your teeth and to remove tartar.

  3. Fluoride Application:

    This is a crucial part of a regular teeth cleaning appointment. Fluoride restores the depleted mineral content of the enamel of your teeth. This enables strengthening of your teeth and preventing decay altogether. This process is conducted after teeth cleaning by using liquid trays or gel trays. This process takes just 5 minutes.

  4. Possible X-Rays and Examination:

    In this process, there will be X-rays and examinations. Commonly, the general dentist in Cathedral City recommends regular dental cleanings two times a year. In this a test of your teeth and gums is also performed. On the contrary, X-rays of your teeth are performed once a year. This will likely be incorporated with one of the oral cleaning appointments.


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